Air Separation Unit Market Trends 2024

February 26, 2024

2024 As the steel, chemical, oil and gas industries continue to increase the need for environmental concerns and optimization of operating costs, air separation plant technology is also placing an increasing emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability. This demand will lead manufactures to develop more energy-efficient air separation systems to reduce power consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

The analysis and automation of industry data is increasing efficiency, reducing downtime, and improving overall plant performance. One of the key drivers for the growth of the air separation unit market is the increasing adoption of alternative energy sources, including coal-to liquids and coal chemical facilities.


Henan Kylin Air Separation Group Co. Ltd.

1.Significant improvement in equipment efficiency 

According to the International Energy Agency, the energy efficiency of air separation unit has increased from 70% to 90% nowadays. Newer unit can even achieve an energy efficiency of over 95%. This increase in energy efficiency not only means less energy consumption, but also less carbon emissions, which has a positive impact on environmental protection. At the same time, the volume and weight of air separation equipment is also decreasing, which makes it easier to transport and install the equipment and reduces the cost for customers.

Henan Kylin Air Separation Group Co. Ltd.

2.Demand for environmental protection will also drive the industry

With the increasing global attention to environmental protection, governments are actively promoting the greening of industrial equipment. As an important equipment in the industrial field, the greening process of air separation plant has also received widespread attention. For example. Some advanced air separation plant can already reduce the emissions through the use of clean energy. These equipment not only satisfy the customers demand for high efficiency, but also meet the governments requirement for environmental protection.

KYLIN AIR --Air Separation Enterprise

Sustainability and environmental issues are becoming more and more prominent in the air separation plant industry and have become a major advantage for KYLIN. KYLIN AIR air separation plant is a device that uses air as a raw material and turns it into a liquid through compression, re-circulation, and cryogenic process, and then gradually separates inert gases such as O2, N2, and Ar2 from the liquid air through distillation. In 2024 KYLIN AIR will continue to develop more energy efficient air separation plant systems to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Optimizing costing costs and achieving sustainability for our partners in various industries.

Henan Kylin Air Separation Group Co. Ltd.
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